Swinging 60s

Hello all:

Most of the blogs I first followed on Tumblr, and many that I started following later, posted a lot of content from the 60s and 70s. Some of the personalities that featured heavily in these posts were fixtures of "Swinging Londong" and remain household names today, but there were many that I (born in '68) did not really know much about. Also, I kept getting confused by the following relationship and couldn't keep straight who was who:

  • Charlotte Rampling and Jane Birkin were/are contemporaries.
  • Jane Birkin's daughter is Charlotte Gainsbourg.
  • Jane Birkin was in the movie "La Piscine (The Swimming Pool)" [1969].
  • Charlotte Rampling was in the movie "The Swimming Pool" [2003].

So, I created the attached MindMap so I could keep this straight, and since I'm a trivia nerd I kept going in case any of this ever came up at bar trivia one night. This is by definition a continuous work-in-progress that is far from comprehensive, and I didn't intend to share it.  But since it was inspired by so many Tumblr folk, I thought I would return the favor. (At least I think it's a favor. If you find inaccuracies or blatant omissions, please let me know.)

I'm still trying to find a better way to publish this as a single interactive document, but for now I've inserted an image and attached a PDF that includes working links and metadata. If you click on the little globes in each element it takes you to a related Wikipedia link. The document symbols are links to notes later in the PDF.)

Swinging 60s