Because The Night

Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith, “Because The Night” at the 25th anniversary concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, October 30, 2009, by Kevin Mazur, my edit of original via rollingstone.
I love the history of this song. Bruce started recording it the first day of the Darkness On The Edge of Town sessions, but only had the chorus, plus the music for the verses, with no lyrics. Jimmy Iovine was producing both Darkness and Patti Smith’s Easter, and after Bruce struggled with it for months before giving up, Jimmy suggested that Patti might take a go at it. Bruce replied, “If she can do it, she can have it.” And she did!
The first public performance in by Patti was on her 31st birthday (December 30, ‘77), with Bruce on guitar and vocals!!! He eventually added his own lyrics for the verses, but sings her version plenty, too.
soundsof71: via Tumblr