To celebrate the fourth, The Americano.

Over ice.

1 ½ oz Carpano Antica sweet vermouth

1 ½ oz Campari

Fill with soda.

Add lemon or orange wedge.

A truly classic cocktail, the Americano was first served in the 1860s at Gaspare Campari’s bar in Milan, Italy. It was originally named “Milano-Torino” because of the origins of its two primary ingredients: Campari calls Milan home and sweet vermouth is also known as ‘Vermouth di Torino’ or Italian vermouth.

The cocktail was later renamed because of its popularity among American tourists around the turn of the 20th century and prior to Prohibition.

It’s also fascinating to note that the Americano spurred the creation another famous Campari cocktail in the 20s. The Negroni, it’s said, was invented because one Count Camillo Negroni ordered “an Americano with gin” while at a cafe in Florence, Italy.