i love to headcanon steve as this aggressively progressive dude but like, he begged to be part of the us army,,,,,, we can’t just Forget That

He joined to literally fight Nazis the fuck you on about?

Minecraft lore is deeper than i remember

he was also like 20 and the Internet didn’t exist so besides the fact that fighting the Nazis was one of the few good things the military has ever done, just mayhaps Steve wasn’t fully briefed on the sins of US militarism and imperialism

I love that y’all think tha white people in the army in WWII joined to fight the evils of the Nazi party and not because of nationalism. The US sent minorities back to Germany to be gassed and only got involved after Germany threatened us.

captain america was created by joe simon and jack kirby, two jewish second generation immigrants. you can argue about what the character has come to represent culturally today but it’s absolutely insensitive to erase what the character was supposed to represent for the creators at the time.

hell this is the image on jack kirby’s wikipedia page next to the “entry into comics” section

it was absolutely a political statement, and one that positioned america against fascism, against antisemitism, which is more than we can say for some modern media or even the orange stain running our country

I would also like to add, he was introduced, like this, while the USA was not in the war, and was selling weapons to Germany -among other things. It was a very dangerous, very unpopular statement to make at the time. People love to do the ‘punch Hitler’ thing now, but when Captain America was first released with this cover, this was an extremely controversial statement. 

Captain America was created in direct response to how the USA was reacting to the war at the time as a direct call to action against injustice specifically. Created by two Jewish men who were very much affected by all of this. They specifically designed him to look like he did because that was the ““Aryan Ideal”“ as part of that statement. That is why they made him blond, blue-eyed, white, tall, and muscular. They also called him ‘Captain America’ to implicitly tie the United States to this statement. This was a metaphor of ‘The USA has to stop letting others be hurt, it’s time to step up and do something’.

It’s not only insensitive to erase that, it’s Antisemitic to call a Jewish-made character that was a political statement against antisemitism in the 1940′s by people who were fed up with watching their loved ones die while people said they ‘shouldn’t get involved’ in a massive, global genocide attempt a ‘symbol of military industrial complex imperialism and nationalism’ when he was made as a symbol of resistance and a call to fight fascism and antisemitism.

Has anyone mentioned yet that American fascists were so pissed about Captain America that some American Nazis showed up at the Marvel offices to “show what Real Americans would do to Captain America”. Jack Kirby literally rolled up his sleeves and would have beaten the shit out of them if they hadn’t run off by the time he got to the lobby.

Like, fuck you if you refuse to accept that JEWISH AMERICANS created a character that is intended to protect Jews and other marginalized groups.


Jacob Kurtzberg. Original Badass.