I taught Pandolf the word “Secoue” (shake) so that on rainy days he will shake himself outside before coming in, rather than doing it in the middle of the kitchen. It’s still a work in progress, some days he gets it and some days he looks utterly stumped as to why I’m not letting him in. He’s like I wiped my dirty paws on the mop and everything, what, is there a password now? And the solution he found —it’s like this trope where a kid is turned away at a movie theatre, and he leaves and comes back as two kids in a trench coat—it’s like this except Pan trots away into the woods where I can’t see him, waits 4 seconds then comes back looking much more optimistic about his odds this time around, like “maybe she’ll think I’m a different dog.” It’s one of my top 10 favourite things this animal does.